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"Oh, its alright Miss Icy, I'm just sorry you got caught in the rain,"
Fox Trot scampered off again bringing back a second dry towel as he helped dry her off. He sat her down on a small bench in the short waiting hall which curved right into the dance area. There was a door next to them by the bench that led to Fox Trot's office, behind them the window with Fox trot's office in there. It had your typical shutter shades.

"Though...I am glad you came Miss Icy,"
He smiled warmly giving her gentle kiss on the cheek.
"Don't be. It's my own dilly-dallying with the other foals that got me late and caught in the rain in the first place," she said, waving away his apologies. She smiled as Fox kissed her on the cheek and nuzzled him back.

"Well, I suppose we better get started?" she said as she pulled back.