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Fox Trot-The Studio

"I see, well that's why we can always extend such time, to make up for the lost,"
He smiled took her hoof gave it a feather like touch kiss as he began to led into the basic stretches, basic enough that she could follow easily.
Icy followed the stretches slowly, clumsily at first. Before long though, she found her rhythm and was following Fox's movement quite easily.

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Gearstride-Fort Colt

Gear sighed blissfully rubbing her head against the side of his neck. "Oh babe...I--" Cue stomach growling. "Oh my...I think all that making out has made me hungry again." She chuckled.
Sliverpine let out a soft whinny of pleasure as Gear rubbed his neck. He made a face as Gear's stomach growled. "Nature. Always interrupting at the best possible time," he said dryly. He gave her one final lick and gently pushed the filly off. The orange colt got up to his feet and held out a hoof to help Gear up as well.