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Fortunately for Fox, Icy was too busy concentrating doing her stretches to notice Fox's attention. Not that she would have minded.

"It'll be my pleasure," Icy replied, smiling.
He couldn't help but keep a smile on his face seeing hers. He moved in close to her, totally invading her personal space, but the dance called for it. Deal with it Icy :P

He took her fore legs and propped her up on her hind legs as he did the same. "Typically the two dancers use eachother as support to keep upright...lest one fall over, you know since we're ponies. Now put your left hoof at my waist and your right hoof in my left while I put my right at your waist."

Sliverpine chuckled as her tummy growled again. "Well, at least I'm not the hungry one for a change." He waved a hoof towards the door in the faux gentlecoltly manner he sometimes displayed.

"Oh such a gentlecolt, le swoon,"
She chuckled walking past him, of course flicking her tail against him.