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    He couldn't help but keep a smile on his face seeing hers. He moved in close to her, totally invading her personal space, but the dance called for it. Deal with it Icy :P

    He took her fore legs and propped her up on her hind legs as he did the same. "Typically the two dancers use eachother as support to keep upright...lest one fall over, you know since we're ponies. Now put your left hoof at my waist and your right hoof in my left while I put my right at your waist."
    Icy did as she was told, somehow feeling comfortable with Fox being so close. She did glance at the floor nervously as she stood up on her hindlegs, having little experience in standing like that.

    "Ready when you are," she said, when they both settled into position.

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post

    "Oh such a gentlecolt, le swoon,"
    She chuckled walking past him, of course flicking her tail against him.
    Sliverpine shivered as the tail brushed against him. Darn, how did Gear manage to excite him like this everytime. He followed the xanadu filly out and downstairs towards the kitchen.

    (Sandy still there right?)

    Once at the kitchen, he noticed Sandy burying himself in pancakes. "Hey, save some for us!" he said jokingly.
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