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    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Icy let out a soft gasp as Fox nuzzled her mane. "Er... maybe..." she began to say shyly, before deciding that it might be impolite to object, with Fox actually taking time to give her lessons and what not. She quickly clamped her mouth shut and tightened her hold on Fox.

    Fox chuckled lightly moving his muzzle away. "Alright, first before we begin to try any fancy hoofwork, we need to get into the pendulum swaying motion, it helps get a natural flow." He began to sway his pony hips in a gentle rocking motion, side to side, taking a few steps in a smooth side to side motion. "This movement can also be referred to as that teen slow dance, haha..appropriate considering our current ages."

    "So Miss Icy, how was your morning?"
    He asked as he did this and gestured for her to try the same motion. With his one hoof at her waist her helped guide them into the motion.



    "Oh hello Sandy, Night Jewel....well its a good thing my pancakes weren't eaten, I'm feeling ravenous, hehe,'
    ' She winked at Siilverpine.
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