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I received my Dragon Tales copy today, and completely satisfied with it, but I had quite negative expirience while waiting for and getting it. There was a missing digit in my address in shipping notice from Ookoodook. This is not something that annoy me, mistakes happens, I understand, but when I have emailed back about the problem, I don't get an answer at all. So, I waited two weeks for delivery notice from local post office, before I came where myself, and asked clerk to search for it manually, and she barely agreed to do that. Fortunately, package was found, I'm happy and all, but rather disappointed not getting a single responce on my letters.
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I will admit, I'm starting to get worried about the safety of my book and game. It was sent to Houston on the 10th... and never left. That being said, what exactly does "Electronic Shipping Info Received"? They got the info on the 14th, and nothing has happened since. Did my package bring down USPS once and for all?
The same here. While monitoring USPS status, I have waited something more, but it ("Electronic Shipping Info Received") was last change. May be, you also should check your local post office.