Eliza Hexadecimal

(She is not a robot)
Alias: Eliza. Not ‘robot!’
Gender: Female. Not a genderless robot!
Race/Species: Human. Not a robot!
Age: About 25. Not an ageless robot!
Alignment: Neural helpful! Not robotic!
Class/Profession: Shopkeeper! Not a robot!
Power Rating: D+ ish, but not because she’s a robot!
Description: A young woman with short brown hair and hazel eyes, she often seems to be completely zoned out behind her large, thick glasses. She commonly wears slacks and an Electronics Asylum T-shirt, but will wear a red sweater in the winter. Note that she uses glasses and a sweater; these are obvious evidence that she is not a robot.
Personality: Somewhat ditzy, she has an amazing memory but can have trouble connecting cause and effect over time. Her personality is somewhat confusing; she may react to situations that are exactly alike in very different ways. When confused or in a very awkward situation, she may stop making sense entirely. Is sure she is not a robot.
Equipment: The owner, proprietor, and employee of Electronics Asylum. She has a great abundance of technological items of varying sophistication and technological styles. Does not have anything installed in her, because she would have to be a robot to do that.
Abilities: Very good with technology, and surprisingly organized despite her ditzy demeanor. Almost perfect memory, but has difficulty with recall. She is a good bit faster, stronger, tougher, and heavier than she seems to be. This is not because she is a robot!
Backstory: She does not talk about it much, but she certainly is not a robot.
Miscellaneous: (Is totally a robot)