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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkflight View Post
    "Hey Sandy," Heartflight suddenly said. "Remember how I promised you a demonstration? Observe." She hefted a banana-nut pancake, laden with butter and maple syrup ... and threw it at Gearstride and Silverpine.
    "Argh!" Sliverpine exclaimed. He used a hoof to wipe his eyes clear of the mess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post

    Civic Center-Kitchen


    Syrup/butter laden pancake right to the head. Gooey, sugary stickiness everywhere on the filly.

    "Gah...wah....why ja do that?" The filly asked confused at the reason, ruling out rule of funny. She frowned finding it drooping down, her fur just....blargh.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    Sandy perked up, and got his notepad ready...

    ...huh. That probably violated either or both of "don't be a bother" and "don't hurt their feelings", at least in his mind. Sandy suddenly thought it'd be a good idea to hide behind his stack of pancakes, lest they think he prompted her to do that.

    And now there was a Gearstride, out for syrupy revenge. Great. This is why he never raised a fuss, it always made things either complicated, argumentative, or sticky. He slipped under the table, trying to hide, but poking his snout out from under the tablecloth so he could see what happened.
    Sliverpine definitely had somepony in mind to blame for this.

    Le Sandy.

    Seeing how Gear was taking care of Heartflight, he called out in a sing-song voice. "Oh... Sandy... come out and play..."

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Fox chuckled lightly moving his muzzle away. "Alright, first before we begin to try any fancy hoofwork, we need to get into the pendulum swaying motion, it helps get a natural flow." He began to sway his pony hips in a gentle rocking motion, side to side, taking a few steps in a smooth side to side motion. "This movement can also be referred to as that teen slow dance, haha..appropriate considering our current ages."

    "So Miss Icy, how was your morning?"
    He asked as he did this and gestured for her to try the same motion. With his one hoof at her waist her helped guide them into the motion.
    Icy tried her best to mimic Fox's movement. It was... surprisingly hard, especially for a first-timer like her. Her first few steps were noticeably clumsy. But with Fox's steady hoof on her waist, she was able to follow him reasonably well.

    Anyhow, she still needed to answer his question. "It was... interesting I suppose. I think I know more than I needed to about plants. Had a pancake breakfast with the foals. Watched the two earthpony shamelessly flirt with each other." She blushed a little at the last sentence, considering what they were doing now.
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