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    Evaine Blackthorne

    Alias: Lillanthil, Evaine Prince
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-(Devil)Succubus
    Age: 314
    Class: Wizard
    Power Rating: B-

    Not as full-figured and voluptuous as her mother, nor as lean and tight-bodied as her son, Evaine is nevertheless an extraordinary beauty, one who has only been enhanced, not muted by age. Her face is dominated by a pair of gently glowing orange eyes, and indeed she tends to present and carry herself as a beauty of warmth and boundless generosity, completely unlike (as Evaine would probably insist), the poisonous beauty of Morgana, which, like the Botanist's Doom Orchid, slays you even as you admire it, despite sharing in her mother's soft, caramel colored skin, lustrous waves of dark (if generously streaked with white) hair, and inviting curves.
    For practicality's sake, Evaine tends to hide her more diabolical features using her shapeshifting during day-to-day affairs. A tail is an inconvenience, horns can be awkward, and wings are too large do anything but get caught in doorways and be a hindrance indoors, though she tends to keep her dresses backless (quite, quite backless), in case such things suddenly have a reason for existing.


    Not much beyond jewelry. As a retired adventurer, it's likely that she possesses many relics from her adventurer days, which she might still be able to use if the situation ever calls for it. However, she considers those days to be largely behind her, so she will rarely, if ever, have significant magical artifacts or weapons on her person.

    As a half-succubus, Evaine has a large number of inborn powers, courtesy of her fiendish heritage. She can change her appearance at whim, charm with her mere presence, hypnotize with a suggestion, and, in a pinch, shoot bolts of raw hellfire from her hands.

    In addition to her innate powers, Evaine is a powerful wizard specializing in enchantment and deception. Centuries of experience have honed her magical prowess, making her a formidable mage with a deep knowledge of many forms of arcana.


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