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    Aliases: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Profession: None
    Power Rating: E+

    Description: Aleph is a short, thin teenager who looks a few years younger than she actually is. Her hair is of about shoulder length, and is a very pale brown, as if it were slightly bleached, and her eyes are of similar coloration, and slightly wide in shape. She tends to wear clothing of stark coloration, largely monochrome, with high preference towards white, gray, and brown. Altogether, her appearance makes her seem a little strange, perhaps not quite all there.

    Personality: Her personality does nothing to help the impression that her appearance gives. While in many ways she seems to be a normal, if shy, girl, in others she seems quite unusual. She has a certain level of paranoia which manifests as a strong desire for her own safety, and a certain obsession with simplicity and absolutes when it comes to aesthetics. In combination with her extraordinarily precise memory and mathematical talents, Aleph is certainly an unusual person.

    Equipment: Aleph owns little besides the clothes she wears, and does not rely on equipment.

    Abilities: Aleph's main capabilities stem from her eidetic memory and the celerity and precision of her cognition. While her past makes it seem possible that she has other powers, so far she has displayed none.

    Backstory: Largely vague, due to the bizarre lack in Aleph's usually perfect memory, which seems to indicate that her amnesia is psychological in nature. What she does recall clearly is her early life in Nevada, but from there her memory grows indistinct, and she can only relay vague memories of being taken in by an organization that ran countless experiments and tests on her, many of which were painful and resulted in varying mental difficulties for their duration. The next time she clearly recalls is her escape, during which time she used a dimensional rift to make it to Nexus.
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