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    Default Re: My attempts at recalibrating the MM2 beasties

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    By now, it would be no small secret that many of the monsters in MM2, while fun from a flavour/coolness perspective, were not assigned appropriate crs. In light of new insight gleaned in 3.5, we noticed a few common trends which we will try to work around. The goal is to have their crs serve as more accurate indicators of how challenging they should be in combat, and maybe iron out a few kinks along the way.

    1) Higher lv monsters tend to be given tons of weak SLAs they will never find a reason to use in combat, yet this counts towards their cr.
    2) Monsters with a ton of HD, but poor defenses (eg: no dr/sr/weak saves) and attacks (few attacks, low damage), making them little more than a speed bump.
    3) Asymmetrical design. For example, the teratomorph has 28HD, but only a single attack with extremely variable effects. Or a monster may have a very powerful ability that merits a certain cr, but its stats are too weak for a monster of that cr (eg: the phoenix).
    Why are all these examples of under-CRing? What about lower-CR monsters with SLAs that they should have no business at all of having, like the infamous Adamantine Clockwork Horror? Or monsters with stats far more powerful than their CR would indicate, like The Damned CrabTM the Monstrous Crab?
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