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    The 99 Hornets From Space

    Decades ago, the Kerwan Institute of Science launched 150 of their HORNET-class spacecraft, each with a kidnapped test subject, from their orbital station into other parts of space. The craft, numbered 0 through 149, went all over the place. Through time warps, eldritch domains, cosmic radiation booples, and whatever is necessary for things to be cool. Data was constantly streamed back to the station.

    The KIS intended that.

    They didn't intend for 99 of them to return from space, but that's exactly what 99 of them did and/or are doing. They have or will return to earth, their occupants alive (mostly).

    The station itself is now deserted; the KIS is dead and gone. But 99 beings sent into weird parts of space tend to come back a little less innocuous than before.
    This is sort of a plot and sort of not; there will be a plot tied in, but it's also sort of an event... thing. Because opportunities for people to make weird things are fun!
    Basically, here's what to do if you want to make a Hornet From Space:

    Make 'em. That includes giving them a number, the number on the pod they were in. Thus we'll have things like Hornet 22 and stuff.
    PM me a link to the character profile post and I'll put it in a table. That way we can make sure nobody makes a Hornet with the same number as an existing one.

    87|The Lamp Golem|A golem made of electric lamps| DEAD
    41|The White Girl|A humanoid construct full of spacey radiation and pointy things|Active
    61|The Clock-Eyed Woman|A woman whose left eye has been replaced with a small clock face.|Active.[/table]
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