I like the idea.

The Aura has a really small radius and no persistence when characters leave.
That seems like a problem both for paperwork and for the mobility bonus (what good's +35 ft speed if it drops to +0 once you move your normal default?)

I probably wouldn't play this without houseruling in a Minor Image least invocation or a Glibness Lesser invocation - those were half the fun of the base class.

I'm not a Tier junky, but I'd be inclined to categorize it as T5. The bonuses here are comparable to the Divine Mind's - more flexible, but more limited in range and effect. It has a few nice abilities, but those are countered by common resistances (Most of its actions are mind effects) and probably logistic issues (30ft is a very small radius). There's not a whole lot of flexibility that I can see - play cheerleader and occasionally hit something with a mind effect.