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    Default Re: Invocation-style Bard (3.5 core class) PEACH

    Quote Originally Posted by Treblain View Post
    Yeah, the text says every subsequent round, so there wouldn't be a save on the first round. Aside from the ease of optimizing skill checks, you could poke the dragon, make it dance, and at that point, who cares if it makes its save? You can do it again every round, rendering any non-mindless or mind-blanked enemy useless.
    Good point. I'll put in the after-it-makes-its-save temp immunity I used elsewhere, and if you don't make your subsequent second-round active perform check, the DC is 0.

    Okay, going to edit in these few things: a couple new feats for aura range, and that fix on the Irresistible Dance invocation.

    Edit: Okay, added three new feats, two aura-range-extension feats, and one that lets you actively apply your bonus to an ally further away. Also tweaked the speed aura to be 60 feet, added language saying that auras last until end of turn if they move out of range, and tweaked Irresistible Dance so it's not abusable.

    Edit 2: Added that Minor Image-like invocation.
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