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I like this. It keeps the style of the original bard while removing the retardation that is vancian magic.

The only thing I'm not sure about is how, discounting the different energy auras, there only are 14 auras to choose from. That doesn't leave too much in the way of actual customization for that portion of the class. I'd recommend doing another pass and seeing if there are any other effects that would work for bard auras.
Thanks! (I'll also not that in my game, I make all my casters spontaneous, with some able to swap some of their known powers on a daily temporary basis. The Spirit Shaman has the same basic mechanic.)

I can try to hunt a few more down, but in terms of the same kinds of effects, I'm not sure what else would be as generally effective. The next area I can think of mining is area-effect offensive spells, status effects, maybe something like a slow/tripping effect..

Ooh, there's a thought..

Dirge of the Mire: Enemies within 30 feet who more more than half their speed have to make a Balance check (DC 10 + your Charisma modifier + your Aura bonus) or fall prone. If they are flying and move more than half their speed, they fall.