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    Default General 3.5 Core balance fix (3.5 Core, PEACH)


    I've been posting class-specific fixes, but they're really meant to work together, so this thread is for the whole shebang. The components can be found in their own seperate threads:
    - Wizard offense, defense, utility, miscellaneous,
    -fighter and paladin part 1,
    -paladin part 2,

    Due to the possible large size, I'm breaking it into 3 posts. The first is for general changes and those that affect primarily monsters, the second for caster-specific, and the third is stuff for noncasters. So:

    -Miss chances do not stack, but rather overlap (if all of the same nature, such as concealment), or are rolled totally separately (if of different natures). This is really just RAW.
    -Cheesy tricks fail to work. If the DM wants, he may determine a houserule on the spot to fix the loophole; otherwise, he just declares that it doesn't work. The definition of a cheesy trick is up to the DM, but generally refers to something that works by Rules-as-Written but not Rules-as-Intended, or that works by the rules but clearly would not work in a fictional world that the rules are meant to emulate.
    -All allies, except those gained by effects such as Dominate (i.e. those that explicitly grant direct control of the subject's actions), are not "second PCs", but rather NPCs whom the character has some degree of influence over. (This is actually RAW, and simply is worth re-elaborating.)
    -Leadership gives followers but not cohorts. A character of at least 9th level with at least 13 charisma who already has Leadership may take the Improved Leadership feat to gain a cohort as well. A leader can choose his cohort's race, primary class, and alignment (subject to DM approval), but no more. He may advise the cohort regarding matters such as feat, skill, and spell choice and multiclassing, but it is the cohort's decision whether to follow the advice.
    -Whenever a creature has a spell-like ability that imitates a spell with variable XP cost, it can only imitate the usage with minimal cost unless the description indicates otherwise.
    -A djinni's Wind Walk and a nightmare's Astral Projection and Etherealness can only target the "caster" themselves.
    -Any ability that cannot be used by a summoned creature also cannot be forced by any means of commanding or controlling a creature. The only exception is a noble djinni granting wishes to its captor; even in such case, the capture must have been by natural means rather than a spell such as Planar Binding.
    -Inherent bonuses do not exist. Instead, any effect that would grant an inherent bonus instead permanently increases the creature's ability score (by the amount the bonus would have been for.) A creature's total ability score (including increases gained every 4 levels, but not including bonuses or penalties) cannot exceed 18 plus one-fourth its HD. (Note that if a monster as presented in the MM with no class levels has scores other than 10 or 11, the difference is considered a racial bonus or penalty.)
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