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    Some rolls to do. First, Will saves.
    N1: (1d20+2)[3]
    N2: (1d20+2)[4]

    Then, if someone passes the DC, they attack. N1 is on Rubido, N2 on Melchia.
    N1: (1d20+3)[21] (crit: (1d20+3)[7]), damage: (1d6+2)[4]
    N2: (1d20+3)[22] (crit: (1d20+3)[14]), damage: (1d6+2)[5]

    Let's see what happens.

    Apparently, they aren't that good at will saves, huh. Also, N1 will go after Selia. I'll keep those rolls...

    The two creatures wail in horror as they touch themselves to find their imaginary wound. The one before Melchia tries to raise his club to hit him, but he doesn't manage to complete the swing for the pain he's apparently feeling. He recoils slowly as he cringes.

    Rubido: (1d20+4)[20*]
    Melchia: (1d20+1)[15]
    N2: (1d20)[13]
    Selia: (1d20)[13] <-- UP NOW
    N1: (1d20)[13]
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