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I suggest you change the paladin's remove disease uses to daily, and eventually give them the ability to remove curse, remove fear (that one makes sense given his Aura of Courage), and break enchantment.
That's definitely the way to go if you want to focus on the paladin-as-status-healer archetype. I don't really see that as well-supported, though (Pathfinder nonwithstanding), and would rather go for the paladin-as-holy-warrior archetype.

Suggestion for Greater Diamond Soul: In addition to increasing the amount of SR the monk gets, I suggest giving the monk the ability to raise and lower his SR as an immediate action (At 18th level, an improvement from the original Diamond Soul) (Assuming immediate actions exist in Core-only games)
Immediate actions do exist in Core (e.g. casting Feather Fall), if not by that name, but I don't really see any reason that a monk should get that ability. (He also shouldn't need it; most magical protections are duplicated by his class abilities, and those few that aren't, such as Fly, can usually be duplicated by items (which ignore his SR when he's the one using them.) Throw in Soulspell so even a CL 5 Fly can't be easily dispelled, and he should do just fine.

...So what does hold person do then?
I'm not quite sure what the question is. If the target succeeds on their save, nothing, if they fail by less than 5 it paralyzes them one round, if they fail by 5-9 it paralyzes them until they make a successful save (the save is a free action, so they could, for instance, cast a silent stilled spell in the same round they try to make a save to break it), and if they fail by 10 or more it paralyzes them until they make a successful save (the save is a full-round action, so they can't cast a silent stilled spell that round.)