This type of bard is perhaps even less capable of being designed for pure offensive use than the standard class, and in my opinion would work best with a group of status effects.

*points at first line of sig*

Perhaps another group of auras like your energy auras for stat drains. Will save based on your aura bonus, with medium-power drains to one or two stats each? Important thing is to not make any one aura not drain a different save stat.

Alternatively, a drain to each enemy save, or a buff to allied saves (I noticed you didn't have any of those so I'm going to assume it was for balance reasons)

Or both. Three auras, one for each save. Drain an enemy's save by 1 or 2 on a failed save, for each enemy drained a single ally gets the drained amount as a bonus. That way you don't have bards simply leaving reflex aura up at all times on a dungeon crawl, and you don't need to have the aura scale up to +7 bonus to a save, which would be pretty imba.

Maybe a dirge of clumsiness that would make an enemy that that fails a roll by an amount based on the aura bonus, like 10 or 15-Aura Bonus, do something stupid like drop their weapon. Basically a debuff that makes a baby crit fail mechanic. heh

Probably stupid, but eh. Just late night ideas, take them or leave them.