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    Default Re: General 3.5 Core balance fix (3.5 Core, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    No arguments here. Still, if you're going to leave remove disease in the class, you should at least change it to daily uses.
    Why? It's not something he's likely to need all that often.

    Whether he needs it or not, he should get it as a reflection of his ability to control his body more and more easily as he advances through the class. I don't know, it just makes sense to me, that's all.
    Spell resistance is really a measure of his soul rather than his body. And he can control it, it just takes a bit of focus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtagon View Post
    Gold dragons just got a lot weaker and dumber and downright socially awkward.
    Perhaps I wasn't clear; if a monster begins with high ability scores, that counts as a racial bonus. Adding that now. Thanks for pointing out the potential confusion.
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