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    Name: Ariana Junrin
    Alias: AJ
    Race: Bird-like people, name currently unknown
    Age: Unknown, looks to be about 20, she thinks she's 19

    AJ is tall, standing at 6'3". She has shaggy, light brown hair, ending just above her shoulders. Her eyes are yellow, but are shaped like normal human eyes. She has a lean, athletic build.

    Sprouting from her back are a pair of brown wings. They're similar to those of a golden eagle. Except, they're on a person.

    AJ also has a unique tattoo. It is a single line that comes to a point on both ends, and is an inch wide for most of it. It starts on her right forearm, spirals once up that arm, comes around her right shoulder, and across her upper chest. From there, it dives sharply under her left arm, crossing her back under her wings. It comes around to her front again, across her waist. It then spiral once down her left leg, ending on her shin.

    Having woken up in a room in Umbrella Corp., AJ doesn't really have much. She does have the armor she was wearing when they found her. It's made of leather, with steel plates attached. It consists of a winged helmet, breastplate, skirt-like bottom piece, pieces for upper and lower arms and legs, and pieces for the leading edge of her wings.

    The breastplate has a design of a bird in flight surrounded by jagged lines. Similar design to the phoenix logo found on the hood of Pontiac Firebirds.

    After a testing session, AJ discovered she is fairly skilled in wielding small hand axes.

    AJ seems to be fairly easy going. She's taking the recent turn of events in stride. She makes friends easy enough.

    Some memories that have returned have shown that she used to train soldiers, which implies that she must have had a stronger personality in the past. Whether she still has it or not remains to be seen.

    AJ has a couple odd habits. Unsure if this is because of her previous culture or not, she usually doesn't wear shoes or underwear. She also has a huge liking for fish.

    With the wings, AJ is fairly skilled at flying. The limits of her flight haven't been tested yet, and she doesn't remember.

    Her senses, specifically sight, sound, and smell, are more developed than those of the average human.

    The tattoo has some magical properties to it. This was discovered when AJ was accidentally sprayed with acid from the baby flumph she found. The acid completely destroyed her shirt. But, when it hit her, the tattoo glowed, and she was fine. The full extent of what it can do isn't known yet.

    Due to a head injury, AJ didn't remember anything besides her initials when she wok up in Umbrella Corp. Slowly, some memories have returned.

    She received the head injury while in the air, in her armor. She was in some kind of fight, thought the memory didn't show who she was fighting. She was hit in the back of the head and fell into the forest below, which is where she was discovered.

    The second memory showed her at some kind of barracks, in her armor. She was starting to train new soldiers.

    The third memory revealed her full name. It also showed her being promoted into something called the Elemental Forces. She thinks this one takes place after the second one.

    The latest memory shows part of her initiation into the Elemental Forces. A person is exposed to several hazards, to test how their body reacts to it. This kind of torture lasts for hours. Then, a tattoo is painfully placed onto their body. This tattoo is supposed to increase a person's resistance to the elements they are weak to, and strengthen their connection to those they are strong with. This memory caused AJ to lose sleep as she relived the painful process.

    Events since waking up:
    AJ has met several new friends. She also seems to be developing a relationship with Myrmidon. He is much more into her than she is in him at the moment, but that can change.

    In one of the testing rooms, AJ came across a presumably dead dire flumph. When she went to leave it, a baby flumph followed her. She's pretty much adopted him at this point, and at Myrmidon's suggestion, has named him Tireno. To her, Tireno is in the realm between a pet and a child.
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