Race:Human (Magically enhanced)
Age:14 years old
Alignment:Neutral Good
Power Level:D-
Jake T'port has grown up being bullied by bigger kids and people in his life. From a pair of abusive parents to schoolyard bullies, he hasn't had a fun life. Around 10 years old he started waking up in different inaccesible areas. (his roof, the neighbors roof, and most notably inside the Statue of Liberty) At 11 he found out that he could teleport around, but he didn't use the power because he was scared that he would be deemed a real freak and be even more mercilously bullied. Then at the age of 13 on the day before his 14th birthday, both his mother and father got drunk and both started to beat him severely. They threw him, punched him, and in general were cruel....so in a fit of fear his power saved him, and he ended up in the Nexus. He is scared of his new surroundings and is worried that this place will be like the last place.

Abilities:He can teleport up to 3 miles but that would leave him close to death and unless he was near a caring individual, he would surely die. Safely he can teleport up 1000 feet, but fearful of becoming an outcast has him worried about that...although seeing all these people with abilities that are similar has him more at ease.
Equipment:Jake has his still bloodied gray shirt and torn blue jeans that he was wearing when he teleported. He has tennis shoes and socks, a rock he found in Outside where he lande and a copy of The Scarlet Letter with him but other than these items he has nothing.
Personality:Even growing up beaten and bruised, T'port is a nice smart kid. When he could, he studied and learned, and tried his best in school. He never mocked anyone and just tried to be good. He wants to help others but he is wary of people that he doesn't know, lest he be drawn back into the circle of violence and defeat again.