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    Iamar Shalhoub

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 25
    Class/Profession: Assassin.

    Description: Iamar is 5’ 7”, and has the build of someone who is almost constantly on the move - lean, yet still with a hint of muscle. Her body in general is not all that curvy, but she still manages to be somewhat attractive. She has tanned skin, brown eyes, and black hair that is very short. Her left ring finger has been cut off in favor of the hidden blade.

    She is virtually never seen outside of her Assassin’s robes. They are predominantly white and red in color, and are designed to move with the wearer. Her face is usually obscured by the hood of the robes. All of her weapons are carried openly, with the exception of the hidden blade.


    Personality: Iamar is quiet, although not really that shy. She believes that the words used by most are rather frivolous, and only tends to say what she thinks needs to be said. The Assassin is humble, believing that those who boast are more insecure of their abilities. She also is nearly impossible to anger.

    Like the rest of her Order, Iamar believes in fighting for peace in all things, and for the free will of the people. She also very much despises those who seek to control the will of others, like the rest of the Order. She firmly obeys the Creed, and is willing to kill in order to protect the innocent.


    - Assassin’s armor. It’s hardened leather, and protects the feet and shins, chest, shoulders, and wrists.
    - Longsword.
    - Short sword.
    - Throwing knives (usually in quantities of 10 or 15.)
    - Hand crossbow.
    - Hidden Blade. This is a small, retractable blade attached to the underside of her left wrist, designed to extend upon the flexing of certain muscles.

    Abilities: Like most high-ranking Assassins, Iamar is an expert melee fighter. Her style relies on deception and counter-attacks. She almost never directly blocks an attack, preferring to dodge and get close enough to strike with her hidden blade. She’s also very accurate with her crossbow. When not fighting, she is very good at free-running to make a quick escape. The Assassin is able to not only survive falls from incredible heights, but get up and walk away unscathed.

    Outside of battle, she is a reasonably skilled blacksmith, able to repair most weapons and even make a few. She has a good knowledge of proper espionage, and has a knack for disguises.

    Iamar is one of the few Assassins that possesses the gift of Eagle Vision. This is a sixth sense of sorts, granting extra awareness in many forms. Her field of vision is vastly improved when using this, she can see people's base auras, and illusions never work on her. When concentrating particularly hard, she can track people's footsteps.

    Backstory: To come later.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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