This is quite a lot, and I do appreciate the work here. One thing I'd like to pitch in is about those condition tracks: They are bad.

One thing condition tracks do is stack with each other, and you have shown. Now, I couldn't really understand the special DC stuff about each track, but I do believe that the more afflicted you are by an effect of a certain level, the easier it is to afflict you with an effect of the next level. That's a big deal, because it means that parties will be more effective if everyone is spamming the same kinds of abilities. Stun will be more useful is everyone runs stun, or everybody but the damage guy runs stun. This will encourage parties to play similar characters, which is almost against the iconic nature of D&D. I dislike that, and would prefer that if a character is affected by ANY tier 1 effect, it becomes easier for him/her to be hit with ANY tier 2 effect.

Please correct me if I'm wrong in my assumptions. I are not always the read gud.