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    Ariel Zodiac
    Alias: Aries
    Age: 22
    Race: Zodiac Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Swordswoman
    Power Rating:

    Personality: Fiery, Passionate, Intelligent, Brash
    Equipment: Twin Scimitars, Custom Leather Armor, various gifts from exotic places.
    Ablities: She can use the horns on her head as a battering ram. She's an impressive swordswoman. Her coat keeps her quite warm. When she gets mad her hands and her blades begin to heat up and sometimes sparks are even seen on them when she is particularly angry.
    Back Story:(Just the recent history) Ariel left home at the age of 18 to explore exotic places for herself. She was actually kidnapped for a year(which she has yet to tell her family) and the people that kidnapped her tried to get information about her family. She was only able to escape by an act of pyromancy that she can still not explain. She was able to cut through her chains by superheating the chains until they melted. Since then she has been trying to use her pyromancy again but to no avail. She spent the last two years putting distance between her and her kidnappers until she finally decided it was safe to go home. She is almost home...
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