Time for another one of these, I think.

Continuing my plan to post what I think to be the highlights of every season of Doctor Who, old and new.

For each series I'll try to choose 2, maybe 3 of what I consider to be the best stories, which may comprise any number of actual episodes (somewhere between 1-14, typically 4 or 6). Older Who is nearly always episodic, with NuWho most episodes are self-contained. Feel free to expand on my brief comments, agree, disagree etc. This is, after all, purely subjective.

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And now...

Season Five (1967-1968)
Second Doctor/Jamie/Victoria/Zoe

Tomb of the Cybermen – okay, so the cybermats are rubbish, but there is a great location shot near the start, and then there's that iconic scene of the cybermen emerging from hibernation, plus its one of the few Troughton stories where the whole thing exists intact rather than in photo-reconstruction form.

The Abominable Snowmen – a great Tibetan period location (well, North Wales, but hey), used imaginatively to give a great atmosphere, typical in the Troughton era of an isolated group under siege. Excellent voice acting by Wolfe Morris for Padmasambhava/The Great Intelligence. Shame the yeti look so cute. Best Quote – Jamie: Have you though up a clever plan, Doctor? Doctor: Yes Jamie, I believe I have. Jamie: What are you going to do? Doctor: Bung a rock at it!

The Web of Fear: The yeti again, although scarier. The first appearance of Lethbridge-Stewart. Atmospheric London Underground setting. Morally ambiguous characters. What’s not to love?

Honourable Mentions
The Ice Warriors – another iconic foe of the early Doctor(s) first appears here. It’s a fairly good story too, but the ones above are better for their coherence.

The Fury From The Deep – first appearance of the sonic screwdriver, actually being used as a screwdriver. The foam and cellophane are not so scary, but the characters Mr. Oak and Mr. Quill are extremely creepy.