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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    I think I'll put up profiles for more characters of mine who'll probably get introduced at some point. I also think I need to create some non-foal characters.


    Name: Flower Tail.

    Appearance: A small unicorn filly with a pale pink coat, a yellow mane and tail, a braid and a red bow in her mane, pale green eyes and a rosebud cutie mark.

    Skills: Taking care of plants. With her magic, she can cause plants to grow, move, bloom or wilt as she wishes. She's also learning some simple wind magic to blow leaves or petals at things.

    Biography: Flower Tail was originally from a town called Cloppington, which was also the home of Winterflap. The two fillies met early on and became close friends despite their contrasting personalities. They lived a fairly good life in Cloppington, although Flower Tail got a reputation for tending to get into things over her head.

    Then one day, a strange unicorn who said she was a wandering researcher showed up in Cloppington. She mentioned that the wildlife in the nearby forests were acting unusual, and she had come to investigate it. Flower Tail wanted to help, but was dismissed as being "just a foal". Thus, she angrily challenged the older unicorn to a magical duel, and the researcher decided to humour her by accepting and then beating her easily.

    Furious and frustrated at her failure, Flower Tail decided to go somewhere else where her talents would be respected. Thus, she took Winterflap with her and fled her home, not to return until she got revenge on that unicorn researcher.

    Personality: Flower Tail is spirited, impetuous, and fiercely independant. She loathes being told what to do or considered weak by others. Her main goals in life are to put her skills to use and to prove that she's no ordinary little filly.

    Relationships: Flower Tail is a close friend of Winterflap. The personalities of the pair complement each other well, and they often team up to handle things, with Flower Tail as the leader and Winterflap advising.
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