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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Sorry for the double post. I like having my profile links separate.


    Name: Winterflap.

    Appearance: A stocky pegasus filly with a cyan coat, a short blue-grey mane and tail, silver eyes and a snowflake cutie mark.

    Skills: Generally, she's good with ice-related things, especially ice sculpting. Coldness doesn't bother her very much.

    Biography: Winterflap was originally from a town called Cloppington, which was also the home of Flower Tail. The two fillies met early on and became close friends despite their contrasting personalities. They lived a fairly good life in Cloppington, although Winterflap was very reclusive and didn't interact with other ponies very often.

    Then one day, Flower Tail told Winterflap that she wanted to leave Cloppington and find somewhere where she'd be respected for her powers. Winterflap tried to convince her not to go, but the other filly's mind was set. Thus, unable to prevent her friend from leaving, Winterflap decided to leave as well, hoping to return eventually.

    Personality: Winterflap is a shy, artistic filly who just wants a peaceful life making ice sculptures. However, she keeps getting dragged into wild situations, usually by Flower Tail, since she doesn't have the will to refuse to get involved.

    Relationships: Winterflap is a close friend of Flower Tail. The personalities of the pair complement each other well, and they often team up to handle things, with Flower Tail as the leader and Winterflap advising.

    Due to their similar talents, Winterflap also gets along well with Icy Touch. Recently, she got the unicorn's help to make herself a little ice-cave where it's always cold and her talent is always useful.
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