Rubido swiftly closes in melee with the other creature, and stabs it in the stomach. The enemy falls to the ground.

Shortly after dispatching the menace, you discover the bottom of the cave. It is filled with decayed flesh of various animals, and even human corpses. Most of the meat has been cut in large chunks, some of it is cooked too. On the side where the most fresh meat is, there are a couple of adolescent human bodies, their clothes resembling Galsaff fashion. A little humanoid baby, of the same race of the two creatures you just slain, is now trying to find some suitable food to eat, and is now checking out the least rotting bodies. Were it a human, it wouldn't be more than one year old.

Flies and other insects abound in this foul corner, and the air is almost irrespirable. The baby doesn't seem to notice it though, and seems pretty happy as it climbs the dead bodies of the two adolescents.

Initiative order out, moral dilemmas in.

Let me know if I'm pushing descriptions too far. I don't usually go into gruesome details when I DM my RL group, heh. It probably has to do with them being an evil party, thus providing the gory details themselves.