Jonlas IV

Alias: None
Gender: Can be both, prefers male, like his creator.
Race/Species: Shapeshifter, artificial creation
Age: 3 years, but can appear any age
Alignment: Originally True Neutral, then Neutral Good, then Neutral Evil.
Class/Profession: Assassin
Power Rating: 4 on Quinsar's scale, probably close to C+ on Neon's Description:

Personality: He is quiet, and cold. There was warmth in his heart before, but it is missing now. Life itself has lost its beauty, and he seeks not for any more than the next job, the next kill.

Equipment: MageWeave Clothing, capable of changing form with him. A wizard wand. Assassin Dagger.

Abilities: Jonlas's primary ability is to assume the shape and physical abilities of any living creature, from ferrets to other people. He usually defaults to a human form, or a ferret.

Jonlas IV was the artificial creation of the wizard Jonlas Lankhannen. He was the fourth incarnation, but the first to be given sentience. He was formed from the combination of both corpses of various magical and mundane creatures, along with specially-mixed alchemical components. With the ability to shift his form into any living creature that he has seen, the wizard Lankhannen used him to spy on his enemies and assassinate those who caused him trouble.
After performing an assassination on a rival wizard, Jonlas happened upon the woman’s library. Curiosity and naivety overcame his directive from Lankhannen, and he opened a tome about a place called “The Town.” After spending hours perusing the dead wizard’s library, Jonlas decided to find this place called “Town.” Taking a single wand from his target’s study, and the book on The Town’s history, Jonlas headed out on foot. The journey was long… and harsh, but Jonlas eventually arrived in Town, nearly collapsing in the streets from hunger and exhaustion.

There, he was taken in and befriended by Rabbit, and he lived in her home in happiness while entertaining her and her guests usually as a ferret. He grew closer to Reinholdt and become fanatically loyal to the both of them, content that he had put behind his assassin’s past. When their child become the incarnation of the apocalypse Jonlas, ignorant of the child’s evil, took up arms to defend him against the heroes who sought to stop him. The apocalypse child empowered the hapless shapeshift with the power of demonkind and Jonlas lost himself to an orgy of slaughter. When all had ended, and Jonlas regained mental clarity and realized what he had done and what he had willingly given himself to, he broke. He fled, on a murderous frenzy and had never been seen or heard from again.