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    Justin Mine

    Alias: Blondie, also The Vault Klepto.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wanderer and Thief
    Power Rating: D
    Description: As his nickname implies, Justin has a head of blond, wavy hair. Heís also skinny and quick, great for sneaking about and avoiding gunfire. His attire is his standard issue Vault 47 jumpsuit, which is blue in color with yellow around the collar, down the front zipper, and across the belt. The same one heís been wearing for over a year. Though heís probably patched it up so many times, itís more patch job than jumpsuit by now.

    Drawn by me:

    Personality: Justin is generally friendly and kind to everyone he meets. Valuing first impressions, heíll greet people with a smile and wait until they leave the room to drop their silverware down his sleeve. Justin is a bit of a kleptomaniac. Heís a very casual thief and will swipe almost anything that isnít guarded, whether or not itís of any use to him. Heíll hold back the urge to steal from friends, though. To steal anything important, at least. On the flipside, heís incredibly defensive of his personal property. Touching his stuff causes him to drop his usually friendly attitude for yelling, screaming, biting, and laser fire. Despite his habits and maybe a bit to make up for them, Justin genuinely tries to be as good a person as he can.
    -Like all Vaulties, he has a Pip-boy 3000 A-series. A lightweight, wrist mounted computer that serves multiple functions, including objective tracking, inventory management, health management, and navigation.
    -His jumpsuit pockets are full of tiny maintenance tools.
    -A kevlar vest.
    -An energy rifle and an energy pistol, along with lots and lots of ammo for them.
    -A pink shovel with a pretty flower on it. It was a gift.
    -A colonial blaster gun and a healthy supply of ammo for it.
    -In his duffle bag, along with the ammo, there are hundreds of bottle caps, several bundles of pre war money, ammunition for weapons he doesnít own, a bottle Vodka that he doesnít drink, shoelaces, silverware, candy bars, soda pop, paper clips, a box of plastic bags, and two pairs confederate army uniform pants, and costume jewelery, and all loose objects are kept in plastic baggies. Itís a fairly large duffle bag, in case youíre wondering.
    -He's in possession of a good number of gold coins and jewels. Along with several treasure maps that may be worth either a lot or absolutely worthless.

    Abilities: Blondie's abilities are best described in the system of his homeland: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

    Strength: Lightweight. He's scrawny and short, in contrast to his older sister, who's quite tall. He can't lift much or punch very hard. He can almost never win a straight fist fight, but he's an expert at not fighting fair.

    Perception: Eagle-eyed. Justin has good eyes and ears, and excellent night vision. He has great aim and can see minute details, like when picking a lock.

    Endurance: Atlas-like. This was trained into him by life in the wasteland. While he can't lift heavy things, he can (and often does) carry heavy weights in his pack and walk for miles without seeming to get tired.

    Charisma: Ho-hum. While he's not necessarily bad looking, he often refuses to brush his hair or change his old jumpsuit. He also lacks some social skills. While he's an expert liar, he has a hard time being genuine with people.

    Intelligence: Smartypants. He's very bright, and clever. He's well trained in the sciences and can think out simple solutions to complex problems. He can hack computers, mix chemicals, fix robots, and grow plants. He has high Science.

    Agility: Graceful. Justin prides himself on his speed and agility. He can be quite the tumbler and acrobat, as well as adept with his hands. He's an expert pickpocket, card shark, and a lock pick. He can also maneuver and seek cheap shots in fights.

    Luck: Footless rabbit. It's a good thing he's a cheater, because he'd never win poker game otherwise. Bad things happen to Justin, he's just not that lucky. It's mostly karmic. Poor bastard.

    In the late half of the 21st century, China and the United States waged war for the resources needed to maintain their massive populations. This war eventually burned the Earth into a nuclear wasteland. Before the bombs dropped several hundred thousand people hoped to shelter themselves in underground safe houses called Vaults. But the vaults were never meant to save anybody. In truth, the majority of Vaults were actually designed as social and military experiments.

    One such Vault was Vault number 47, a study of the human condition under a Kleptocracy, a system were you only own what steal and what you can protect from being stolen. Somehow, through miracle or blind luck, the Vault managed to survive, constantly teetering between a utopia, where all that was needed was shared, and an oppressive state of fear, where those who can take do and those who donít die.

    Justin Mine was unlucky enough to be born during the despotic rein of an overseer who ran most of the gangs before rising to the position. He was treated like crap same as everyone else. Unlike the rest, he got sick of it, and hatched a plan to take the overseer position for himself. Things gotÖ intense. Words were spoken, weapons were stolen, bullets met heads, and a sixteen year old boy was forced to leave his home in fear for his life.

    Luck sneered upon him again, as he climbed out of the vault under the Five Points Station in Atlanta, Georgia. He poked his head up into the territory of the Neo-Confederates, a group dedicated to restoring the South to mirror its days of glory before the Civil War.

    He had many adventures and gained and lost many friends and enemies. In his own strange ways, (a mix of kleptomania, moral fiber, and excellent application of laser fire) he managed to deal blow after blow to the Neo-Confederacy. Eventually the people of Georgia managed to rise up and remove the Confederates from power, creating the United State of Atlanta in its place. Satisfied with the work done, he wandered out west and has somehow found his way to Nexus. He currently thinks heís in Alabama.
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