But there's where we run into the essential quandary of what, exactly, a hipster is. While I'm inclined to agree with SotS here, the scenario I face, time and again, is:
Chumley: "Y'all should listen to this cool local band Rin Tin Tiger! They're really energetic and fun."
People: "So what you're saying is you're a dirty, dirty hipster."

I'm sure you're all familiar with it. If people wanna call you a hipster, they're gonna call you a hipster, whether yer smoking Lucky Strikes or Marlboro Reds. To use a silly metaphor.

's like whatsit, a few years ago, when wearing skinny jeans made you "eeeeeeemooooooo".

Well, I'm off to play my first full gig as one of two bassists with Handshake, replacing my best friend who's off to college in New York...
For some reason that means getting up at 6:15 in the morning. I'm not sure how okay with that I am. All of the sacrifice I'm making, surely we deserve y'all's youtube patronage or Facebook fanning or whatnot.