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You did do the fighter. I was part of that thread. The feats you wrote didn't help at all.
That's why I rethought the whole idea of the fighter and have a completely different plan (focusing not on vertical power but horizontal power and the ability to change the rules), which is why I didn't use the old fighter fix in this one like I did for the monk/

Hide checks do nothing against creatures with blindsight or tremorsense.
Most creatures with blindsight tend to ignore AC with their most powerful attacks as well; when fighting an Yrthak, things are of course going to be different than usual.

Tremorsense is more likely to be an issue, but note that it gives only the location (like blindsense does); it does not remove concealment. So the successful hide check will still give total concealment, for a 50% miss chance (25% if the enemy has Blind-Fight), which is pretty decent.

And giving options to improve AC as feats, which most characters only get 7 of, is not a good option either. (See also: Dodge)
It'll help the fighter (who gets a lot more than 7) and the paladin (who under the new rules gets more), and maybe a few that can use it particularly well (note that it's not going to be static bonuses, but rather something more along the lines of Combat Expertise).

One of the classes who will need the AC boost most, the rogue, will not be able to take it because he needs to spend 3 feats on Two-Weapon Fighting and one on Weapon Finesse.
Or he can ditch Two-Weapon Fighting, stay away from the enemy, and use ranged attacks. Or if he prefers he can go for Spring Attack so that he never ends his turn next to the enemy (this of course works a lot better with an ally who focuses on combat control). Naturally, this means that he won't be as useful in combat as a fighter or barbarian, but he's far more effective outside of combat (while rogues can't easily be strongly "optimized" in the normal sense, an optimally-played rogue is second only to an optimally-played bard in effectiveness.)

Or he can talk the party wizard into giving him Improved Invisibility, which gives him not only easy sneak-attacks and a much-needed boost to hit, but also 50% miss chance.

Mobility does not help the monk when he's provoking attacks of opportunity for moving in and attacking (Especially with his low AC)
That's what Mobility and Spring Attack are for. And of course he can go after enemies that can't take effective attacks of opportunity, such as archers and casters.

Skirmishers suck against creatures with reach (AKA: Half the monsters in the MM with a CR of 7 or higher)
True; the monk is somewhat of a niche class.

Shaken is not a "decent" debuff. A -2 penalty to all actions does not help against a creature with +30 to hit if a character's AC is 23.
You shouldn't be facing something with +30 to hit (barring enemies with PC classes) until level 17 or 18 at the earliest, and by that point there's something seriously wrong if you can't push your AC well above 23.

I've seen your new fighter feats.
That was the old version, which was based on the idea of changing bonuses. The new version is based more on the idea of changing the rules.

That's great. What I'm telling you now is that your current design has weakened melee. If you're going to change that, good. That was my intent. As it is now, most melee characters would die. Plain and simple.
Probably, but not as badly as you imply. After all, the Tarrasque's attack, while powerful, is nothing that can't be survived for some time by a 20th level party with a few good buffs and some decent tactics, and Swallow Whole might look impressive but requires Improved Grab, which is countered by a level 4 spell.

No they don't. They get to keep their ridiculous stats, insane natural armor, and high damage output from natural weapons. The Giant put it best

Let's turn the magic off. You're a human with 29 Int and 8 Str. While I? I am still a dragon.
As I said; the limits are technically the same, they just affect the PCs more. (Of course, so do the upcoming boosts.)

And before you miss the point completely, the Anti-Magic Field in that comic is not literal. It's a metaphor for your conditions nerf.
And yet the dragon still waited until V separated him/herself from the party.