Atrona Darksky

Gender: Female.

Race: Human.

Age: 32.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Noble/Seeress

Power Rating: D+ or 3, not counting her allies.

Description: Atrona is a tall, lovely woman with slighty curly black hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a regal red robe trimmed with fur, a black cloak, and assorted jewelry.

Personality: Atrona is a benevolent woman whose main concern is the welfare of her people. She is also an optimist, never willing to give up hope of anything, and is a strong believer in destiny.

In less serious situations, she's content and casual. Other people often find her calmness eerie, although a few think it's endearing. When there's trouble, though, most acknowledge that she provides valuable support.

Equipment: Atrona carries a ruby-hilted dagger in her belt along with a pouch of money.

Abilities: Atrona possesses vision magic, which she can use to see things that are far away, concealed by various means, or happen in the past or future.

Backstory: Atrona was once a noble lady from the kingdom of Felaya, respected by King Mavelonas for her powers of foresight. The other nobles didn't think much of her, but she didn't mind much, and was generally content with her life.

Then one day, she foresaw a great disaster for Felaya coming in the near future. Unfortunately, no one except King Mavelonas listened to her, and without the support of the other nobles, he could not do anything to prepare. Famine struck, devastating the people and leaving them vulnerable. Their neighbors saw this as an opportunity and attacked.

The kingdom was clearly on the way to destruction, so Atrona decided to take matters into her own hands. She gathered all the people loyal to her who probably could fight - a knight, four soldiers, a hunter and a maidservant - then rounded up refugees and supplies and fled the realm, hoping to find a new home before their enemies caught up with them.

Miscellaneous: Atrona's magical aura, when visible, has a dark rose colour.

She currently leads a small band of NPC refugees who can be godmodded a bit.