Q 41

So I have a few questions about the alchemist class.

a. An alchemist can write formulae into his formula book by copying it from a wizard's spellbook. Is there a way to learn a formula from a divine spellcaster? The spell blood transcription seems to state that you can write into your formula/spellbook any spell you "know." So, can an alchemist learn the cure light wounds formula, for example, from a cleric who is willing to teach it? Assuming I also pay the time and ink price, of course.

b. Do the alchemist abilities swift alchemy and instant alchemy apply to crafting poisons, since they are made with the craft (alchemy) skill?

c. Can an alchemist who made the vestigial arm discovery twice dual-wield two-handed weapons?

d. The vestigial arm discovery states that the arm "cannot be concealed except with magic or bulky clothing." What counts as bulky clothing? Can the arm be used to hold and drink a potion while still staying hidden? If not, could the stealth or sleight of hand (or arm) skills help conceal an arm being used in combat? I know an exact RAW answer may not be available, but I'd still appreciate some input.