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A 43. Yes. A spell that lacks verbal and somatic components may still have material components or foci that need to be manipulated.

To cast a spell, you must be able to speak (if the spell has a verbal component), gesture (if it has a somatic component), and manipulate the material components or focus (if any). Additionally, you must concentrate to cast a spell.
For the mandatory follow-up: What if the caster metamagics Silent and/or Still as applicable and he has Eschew Materials? Can someone still notice he's casting at all? I get that everyone can notice him focusing on something (maybe it's stomachache?), but casting specifically?

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Q 44:
Can a Cleric take both the Crusader archtype and the Holy Warrior ACF? Holy Warrior says a character gives up both domain slots for full BAB + a d10 hit dice, while Crusader gives a cleric one less domain and fewer spells per day. In other words, they would be 'losing' three domains, even though they only ever had two. I'm not sure if it would be legal or not since the character isn't really trading domains in for something else, they just lose access to them.
Straight RAW, I don't think it's possible, unlike Flat-Footed or other such texts, it's not written "the Cleric loses access to one of his domains (if any)".

But it's nothing that crazy, so personally I'd allow.