I had been doing most of my snippets from memory, but I don't remember them well enough to do them any justice-and besides, I'm the DM for the group now. So, here's Garrett's 'retirement'.

From Garrett's journal

I can't ignore it any longer.

The two that joined are morons, but they remind me of myself and my friend too much. One a sorcerer, like me. The other a monk, like Touchstone.

It has been some time since we journeyed into the demon-infested city that once once the ancient elven capital. Touchstone had disappeared during the night, and my familiar, Apple, said that she smelled Randall's scent. Both were together, and headed for the city of Myth Drannor. We met Randall on the way there, as he was leaving. He said he had no memory of encountering us. I know now that he was lying...or perhaps controlled.

I trusted Randall. I took his word. We moved into the city.

I won't comment on the things we encountered there. I don't want to think about them, and for the seasoned adventurer I was even then, that speaks volumes.

We were lucky. We found sanctuary...I was allowed to take a lore-gem. Without the knowledge of the ancient language it granted me, we would never have escaped. We almost didn't even with it.

Touchstone died on the way. A succubus grabbed him and took him away. Today, I would have been able to follow. Then, the spells that would have allowed it were beyond my grasp.

We escaped demons, and their cursed progeny. Even a party of evil explorers that were more than a match for us.

We escaped. We moved on.

But now...well. The sorcerer I mentioned ran afoul of the Red Wizard, and found himself compelled to knock on every door. It was only a ghoul's touch enchanted on the door, but how long until something worse happened? And the monk...he nearly incited the hellbred known as Ahari the Condemned to kill him. It reminded me of the dangers of being an adventurer, and he hadn't even reached the wilds. And besides, I have countless generations of knowledge within this lore-gem to safeguard. I can't risk it any longer.

Of all the allies that I journeyed with...there were a dozen, over these months. It feels like so much longer...only 2 remain. I wish them luck. I told them they could come visit anytime the lore-gem's knowledge could help them.

After such a long time using my powers to destroy...it's nice to return to the purpose I set out for originally. Knowledge, understanding, perfection.

I admit, it was the easy way out. But then, no one forced me to take the hard path. It's time I stopping pretending that (the next few lines are crossed out)

That's enough feeling sorry for myself. If you are reading this, I have allowed you to read what I've learned from the lore-gem's memories. I hope you find it instructional.

Ahari's title isn't actually 'Condemned'. I'm sure you can guess what she's actually called (and yes, that's how she introduces herself).