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    My homebrew: Feedback is always appreciated!
    Base Classes:
    Lord of the Uttercold: A Warlord of frost and undeath
    The Necrotic Infester (A debuff based full spellcaster) and New Necrotic Cyst Spells
    The Soul Devourer: An Invocation using necromantic warrior
    The Haruspex: A divination focused caster similar to dread necromancer and beguiler for divination
    The Constrictor: A full spellcaster solely focused on limiting movement and vision of enemies
    The Ebon Marksman: A ranged bow wielding warrior that can sacrifice it's own hp to increases its damage
    Hellfire Lord! A tier 2 demonic class with three separate specializations allowing this class to focus on either heavy melee, casting or a mix of both.
    Dusk Spiritualist: A master of both positive and negative energy
    Luckamancer: Are you feeling lucky?
    Tempest Warlord: A class focused around controlling winds and storms. The winner of the base class challenge "Name that Class"
    Vector Witch: A class based on the Soul Eater Antagonist Medusa.

    Prestige Classes:
    The New Horned Harbinger: A fix to the horrendous prestige class in Faiths and Pantheons
    The Stygian Siphonist A Soul Devourer/Wilder Dual Progression Prestige Class
    The Champion of Pain and Fear A gish prestige class based around the spell "Blade of Pain and Fear"
    The Templar A 5 level anti undead prestige class.
    Sinister Servant of Nerull My evil aligned version of the Radiant Servant of Pelor

    New Corpse Crafter Feats
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