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    Aliases: Fire Trail, Muddy Trail, Dusty Trail, Gravel Trail, and Overgrown Trail
    Gender: ‘Male’
    Race: elemental / personification of puel
    Age: 20
    Back story: Trail was created by an insane god in a forgotten universe, he doesn’t know how five of his bodies got here nor does he care how to get back. He has survived by taking jobs as a courier and/or bodyguard, he shows up on time and never asks any questions besides where to, and who.
    Class: Shape shifter (mostly into weapons)
    Personality: timid, mostly good, and easily excitable. All the bodies of Trail for the most part have the same personality at the moment due to a psychic link from his home universe. While subtle changes are already visible the majority will be explored as time goes on.
    Description: All of Trail’s bodies apart from what they are made of have roughly the same appearance, that of a 10 year old human-ish male, short rigid hair, and indistinct face and eyes, some anatomy omitted.
    Abilities: psychic link to all bodies fading fast, basic shape shifting, combat experience
    Fire Trail
    Personality: rowdy hyperactive and short tempered
    Description: tree bark and ash cover most of his outer layer fire rages underneath and can be seen in small cracks that are scattered around his body at his core is a high density metal alloy
    Abilities: favored weapon form: short sword / favored weapon: scythe / capable with a dagger and shield horrible with a rifle

    Muddy Trail
    Personality: moody / negative
    Description: his left arm is all water the rest of his body is varying degrees of dirt and mud
    Abilities: favored defensive form: shield / favored weapons: sword and dagger /capable with a scythe and rifle

    Dusty Trail
    Personality: indifferent
    Description: sand whirling in a vortex of wind
    Abilities: can be almost unnoticeable at times / favored weapon form: dagger / favored weapon: sniper rifle / horrible with a sword or scythe

    Gravel Trail
    Personality: uncaring
    Description: large chunks of rock and metal outer layers smoothed by sand and dirt
    Abilities: favored weapon form: sniper rifle / favored weapon: dagger /capable with a sword and shield horrible with a scythe

    Overgrown Trail
    Personality: sensible and more observant than the other bodies
    Description: under a thin layer of dirt, moss and various plants, is a heavy metal body
    Abilities: favored weapon form: scythe / favored weapon: sword and shield / capable with a dagger horrible with a rifle
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