I went to my annual Celtic Festival last weekend and got quite thoroughly excited about a few groups-
Emily Smith: She's been one of my favourites since her most recent album released, I got to see her 4 separate times this weekend so that was excellent. She's the best Scottish trad singer out there right now and is quite grounded in Scottish traditional culture and whatnot. Here's one of her songs.
The Young Dubliners: Always good, always energetic. Song.
Whiskey and Stitches: This is a new one, a local band that apparently formed recently. Since they're new, it's hard to find a good video of them. They played the hardest Fields of Athenrye I've ever heard, and it was quite good. This is the closest I can get, but it still doesn't match the sheer intensity I heard from them this weekend. They had a real crunchy bass, and their guitars and bazoukie drove hard.
There were many other good ones, but, uhh, yeah. Emily Smith. She's amazing.