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    Alternate Class Features

    Alternate Class Feature: Step Lightly, Step Swiftly

    Your overwhelming competence makes you at home at sea, where your balance, dexterity, and skill are welcome. You have even learned to make the most of your speed, leaping over the surface of the water with uncannily-light and swift footsteps.
    Level: 8th
    Replaces: You do not gain the camouflage and hide in plain sight class abilities.
    Benefit: By moving quickly and lightly, you can travel safely over surfaces that would not normally support your weight, such as powdery snow, thin ice, and water. In order to use this ability, you must use mundane land movement to move at least 30 feet. You may continue to travel on these surfaces as long as you move at least 30 feet per round, up to a maximum number of rounds equal to your Dexterity modifier. Your speed is not adversely affected by deep snow, sand, or similar impediments while using this ability.

    Alternate Class Feature: Study in Speed

    You have learned a style of fighting that combines a scout’s swift skirmishing abilities and the uncanny skill of a martial adept.
    Level: 4th
    Replaces: You do not gain a bonus feat at 4th level, nor do you gain additional bonus feats at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th levels as you progress in the scout class.
    Benefit: At 4th level and at every four levels thereafter, you learn one martial maneuver from any discipline. You can learn any martial maneuver for which you meet the prerequisites. You can use this maneuver once per encounter as a martial adept with an initiator level equal to half your character level. Maneuvers learned through this class feature have no recovery method. If you have martial adept levels, your initiator level for these maneuvers is equal to your martial adept level + half your levels in non-martial adept classes.
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