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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackestOfMages View Post
    I like this class, It's one of the things I;ve rather wanted to do with a druid (IE: not obcenely powerful as it's a full-caster direbear...)

    I may be using it in a game soon, I'll let you know how it goes

    quick question: does the shapeshifter variant still have claws in their natural form? as it dosen't mention it anywhere, and I was wondering if this was an oversight or intentional?
    Thanks for the compliments! To answer your question, no, the shapeshifter variant doesn't get claws. I originally put them in so that the class could be useful outside of wildshape (I honestly couldn't imagine any weapon they could use). The variant, however, never runs out of uses of their main class feature, so I figured that the claws were redundant.
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