Allen just listened in on his friends as they talked over the current situation. He didn't exactly want to go this little event (he saw the benefits and possible cons if they chose not to attend). Allen wasn't really much of a fighter himself either, and he only fell in with this group because he gave each some extra rations from his parent's farm. What started as a simple deal between bully and rich (if you can call having some extra food rich) kid eventually became friendship. And now here Allen was, at another crossroads that could see his friends get hurt for his sake.
"Well I think we should at least find out what they want. If Arbok's wanted to set a trap, you'd think it would be less obvious, and we could just run away if it gets too hairy. I won't be able to do much if a fight does break out though so it's entirely up to you guys."
Allen grabs a pastry, saving it for his younger sister later. He could always just grab a carrot for himself later.