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    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Race: Faerie

    Age: 42

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Sorcerer/Psion

    Power Rating: D, sometimes C

    Description: Quinn is about 6” tall, with long hair and bug-like wings. The wings have a 5” wingspan. His face is very androgynous, as well as his voice and garb. He usually wears a green robe with a tiny longsword strapped on his side. At first glance, Quinn’s eyes appear a light shade of purple, but looking past this purple glow, his eyes are a deep aquamarine. This glowing can be turned off, but Quinn likes to be noticeable.

    Personality: Quinn is easily bored and nigh impossible to upset. It is his mission to get along with everyone that isn’t evil or trying to hurt innocents. Those trying to hurt him get a little sympathy. He is a bit irritating sometimes. While Quinn isn’t naive, he really likes helping people. If some random stranger asks for help, he’ll probably say yes, either because he knows that the stranger is doing something important or because he needs something to do. Quinn is also a bit of a showoff.

    Equipment: Quinn is usually wearing his green robes, though sometimes he wears armor or different color robes. He often has a longsword strapped to his side as well.

    Abilities: Quinn is a decent sorcerer, though he only uses small, non-flashy spells. His specialties are telekinesis and psionic attacks. When attacking through psionics, he only aims to hinder his targets or remove them from fights. He doesn’t like reading people’s minds, but if he has their consent or if it is necessary, he’ll do it. Quinn’s real power, though, is his unique ability to manipulate his size and form. When threatened, he transforms into a tall, wiry wood elf. At this size, he is limited to his enhancement magic. However, he is an expert with the sword and is faster than most humanoids. Despite this, Quinn will only use his transformation to defend himself in dire straights--or to show off how amazing he is.

    Backstory: Quinn grew up in a nature plane, leaving to the Nexus out of wanderlust.
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