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I'm fine with that. I understand I'm just one opinion, and in this case it is most certainly an opinion.

And I can wait on the requests. =)

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I really like the Hoard ability. Really liike it.

It's better than Omalesco's Tarrasque thing and i'm probably going to include it on actual dragons in my games, maybe as a feat. I'm not sure what to make of the extra actions thing; you already have a lot of attacks, but then again, you've resisted the oh-so-dull "give it pounce!" response, which i applaude.

Overall, i think it looks pretty playable throughout its lineup, not auto-win powerful, but certainly enough to give a none "i win" caster a run for it's money and stand well against ToB classes.
Extra actions? What do you mean by that?

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I have a request: an ectoplasmic dragon from the mind's eye updates.
*Insert hesitant sound here*
While I do want to do things people in general want, I should mention a few things.

1. High CR creatures, especially dragons, take a long amount of time to do. You know the Silver Dragon? That took me months to get done before I even posted it, and it's barely recognizable compared to the original. Creature of CR 10 or less are usually preferable, though I can try and work on higher ones regardless. I do want to come back to dragons at some point, but right now I want to branch out a bit.
2. I'm not that familiar with Psionics, so I'm extremely hesitant about creating a class that uses them. Same with Incarnum and Binding.