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    Default Fan Comic Secret Santa: The Resurrectioning.

    O hai. Well, in order to bypass the useless junk that nobody reads anyway, i'm gonna cut to the chase.

    The Fan Comic Secret Santa is an artist-created and artist-organized event for fan comic artists on this forum (and back when the Arts & Crafts and Fan Comics forum were one forum, but I digress...) where webcomic artists write guest comics for each other. Sounds like fun? Basically, think of it as a way to get free guest comics for your comic, as well as make a guest comic for someone else!

    Sound interesting? Sign up your comic by posting its name and a link to the thread that hosts it. I will then post it on a list at the bottom of the OP (aka this post.) After a certain date is reached, all the comic artists will recieve a PM from me telling them who they are writing a guest comic for. NOTE: all comics signed up should be recieving a guest comic. They will not be allowed to know who is writing a comic for them.

    When you are finished writing your guest comic, PM them to me. After a certain amount of time, I will post all the guest comics on this thread for everybody to see.

    Also, as a side note, since I will be signing up my own comic, could any non-artist take the reigns from me so I don't know who is going to make a guest comic for me?

    List of volunteers/webcomics

    - Comic must have at least 10 strips (as long as that limit is reached before the signing up deadline, you're golden)
    - Comic must be active (scheduled haitus is acceptable, but must follow prior rules)
    - Must be willing to write a guest comic for someone else

    Emperor Ing - Well That was Unexpected
    Maxios - Omnitopia: The Playground
    leakingpen - Anti-HEROES
    CoffeeIncluded - Murphy's Law
    Teutonic Knight - Tales of Revelia
    BeethroBudkin07 - Wanderers of the Mushroom Kingdom
    Oppolo - Order of the Tree
    Akrim.elf - Mini Story
    Thomas Duskwind - Dark Heresy: What do you do?
    Lither - What You are Against the Darkness

    Another issue: Inevitably, some artists are lazy and don't do their comics in time. And this sucks. Alternatively there are an odd number of applicants, which will mean either one comic gets two guest comics, or one comic goes without. This might be a bit unfair. So if I could get a list of artists willing to do other guest comics for people whom are owed said comics, that would be greatly appreciated. Their names will be listed below.

    Auxillary Comic Artists

    Green-Shirt Q

    Comic Application Signup: October 21, 2011

    One final note: If you have a friend you WANT to do a guest comic for, feel free to make a comic for them and PM it to me. When the guest comics are compiled I will include it. However, this does not excuse you from making your comic for someone else.
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