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This is actually really quite interesting. One thing I would ask is, since the ranks have different skill point requirements, can characters carry over skill points from level to level? Or do they just automatically invest them and just don't gain any benefit until they hit the skill point number that gets them up a rank?
My thought was that they could carry them over. So yes, your Barbarian can level up, not spend any skill points, and the following level increase a skill from rank A to rank S.

In addition, how do you quantify a Task as being at a certain rank? Are you just going to go through all of them and do it? Or should the DM try to do it on the fly?

Do the skill points give any actual bonuses besides going up a rank? Is that it?
1) I did give a general guideline to come up with stuff on the fly, but I do intend to go through the list and manually assign task ratings eventually.

2) That's basically it. You can still buy skill tricks (which as mentioned I'd like to revamp, at the very least need to provide a guideline for how rank prereqs translate to rating prereqs) with skill points as well. If what you meant is do the ranks provide any bonuses besides the stuff you are capable of accomplishing, ideally I'd like some other bonuses to be associated with rank (as mentioned things like high athletics letting you run faster) but I'm not entirely sure how feasible that is for all skills.