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My thought was that they could carry them over. So yes, your Barbarian can level up, not spend any skill points, and the following level increase a skill from rank A to rank S.
Okay. That would be much more modular, and I think I like it more.

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1) I did give a general guideline to come up with stuff on the fly, but I do intend to go through the list and manually assign task ratings eventually.

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2) That's basically it. You can still buy skill tricks (which as mentioned I'd like to revamp, at the very least need to provide a guideline for how rank prereqs translate to rating prereqs) with skill points as well. If what you meant is do the ranks provide any bonuses besides the stuff you are capable of accomplishing, ideally I'd like some other bonuses to be associated with rank (as mentioned things like high athletics letting you run faster) but I'm not entirely sure how feasible that is for all skills.
Why not have it so that you don't have to spend points to gain skill tricks, but automatically gain them based on the number of ranks invested in a particular skill (this is very badly worded):

Let's go back to that previously mentioned Rogue. Let's say he invests 3 skill ranks into Stealth, getting him Journeyman rank. He gains 1 skill trick that is associated with the Stealth skill automatically (from the number of skill ranks invested in the skill divided by two, rounded down; you could change the two for any number, really, but the current way it works is 2 SP for a skill trick, so that is the number I used), and the Stealth skill would have some number of skill tricks associated with it; the rogue would choose one. As he levels up, and invests more and more into those skills, he would get more and more skill tricks. This would almost certainly have to have a number higher than two skill points, but it would be really interesting/cool. For instance, if it were 3 skill points, the Rogue could invest 6 Skill Ranks into Stealth and gain two skill tricks at 6th level, along with the other skill he has chosen.

I feel like the number of skill tricks a character would know would get really big, no matter the number, especially if the character is a Rogue with a high skill point number. Maybe they only get a few uses of their skill tricks, and have to share those uses among all of the skill tricks per encounter? Like, Intelligence modifier times per encounter, the Character can have a single use of one of their skill tricks?

Maybe that is overpowered, just an idle idea.