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Why not have it so that you don't have to spend points to gain skill tricks, but automatically gain them based on the number of ranks invested in a particular skill (this is very badly worded):

Let's go back to that previously mentioned Rogue. Let's say he invests 3 skill ranks into Stealth, getting him Journeyman rank. He gains 1 skill trick that is associated with the Stealth skill automatically (from the number of skill ranks invested in the skill divided by two, rounded down; you could change the two for any number, really, but the current way it works is 2 SP for a skill trick, so that is the number I used), and the Stealth skill would have some number of skill tricks associated with it; the rogue would choose one. As he levels up, and invests more and more into those skills, he would get more and more skill tricks. This would almost certainly have to have a number higher than two skill points, but it would be really interesting/cool. For instance, if it were 3 skill points, the Rogue could invest 6 Skill Ranks into Stealth and gain two skill tricks at 6th level, along with the other skill he has chosen.

I feel like the number of skill tricks a character would know would get really big, no matter the number, especially if the character is a Rogue with a high skill point number. Maybe they only get a few uses of their skill tricks, and have to share those uses among all of the skill tricks per encounter? Like, Intelligence modifier times per encounter, the Character can have a single use of one of their skill tricks?

Maybe that is overpowered, just an idle idea.
I'll think on it. My thought was that you should have something else to spend skill points on besides just boosting more different skills. If you want all of your skills focused on Diplomancy, between Influence, Deception, and skill tricks for both, you should be able to spend most of your skill points on that.

But I could see getting skill tricks as you gain skill ranks, and being able to invest extra for more skill tricks.

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I first recommendation would be that, rather than calling them Skills and Knowledge Skills, to just use the term Skills and Knowledges. Thus, Skill Points and Knowledge Points. It'll probably save some confusion in the future.
Consider it done. I wasn't actually sure what to call them, so I borrowed Shadowrun Terminology instead.

Second, you mention that you never get to a point where you auto-succeed everything, although with Superhuman rank certainly seems like you'll auto-succeed everything. I'm not sure if this system helps the "either auto-pass or auto-fail" problems the currect 3.5e system has in regards to skills.
At S rank you still have to roll against S rank challenges. You will never realistically auto pass an S rank challenge (though I suppose you could if you had a +24 modifier in the linked attribute).

Yes, many challenges will be auto pass or auto fail, but challenges that are appropriate for your skill level should have some degree of risk.

What happens when two characters make opposed skill checks, such as Stealth vs Perception? Does the one with the higher rank auto-win, every time? Do they both roll d20 and compare, with the standard DC 12/20 difficult determining if one character fails?
I was thinking yes, auto win every time. But now that you point it out, if they are only one rank apart, then you could roll vs the appropriate DC and see who wins by more.

Why are Identify and Spellcraft "Active Skills" as opposed to Knowledges?
Good question. I was thinking Spellcraft as a normal skill because of its use as Concentration. But I suppose both would work fine as knowledge skills.