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    Sereg raises an eyebrow when she nears him and speaks. "Seems Talon taught you to speak your mind. Good. I'll have use for that yet. Come closer, Cashin. I want to see if anything else has changed about you." Sereg stands up, his left arm away from his body in an invitation to come closer. Almost as if her wants to hug the girl.
    Cashin stops dead when he mentions Talon, and fear clouds her eyes for a second. But was she scared of Talon, of him, or of what either was going to do to her? But then her jaw set, her eyes focused, and she started moving towards Sereg again, stopping when she was within arms reach, kneeling before him.

    "I learned to survive, my lord. She taught neither of us anything but how to keep ourselves alive against all odds, and we already knew how to do that. Any Hollow can do that." Her tone was at once both submissive and combative. What was she getting at?
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